Join The Movement

It is such an awe-inspiring feeling when you see someone following their passion. The fact that a person has the courage to go after their dream when it’s so personal, is incredibly admirable. The chase for something more then becomes a part of them

Sometimes, we lose sight of ourselves. It’s scary to drop everything you have and go after a daydream. But the meaning of life isn’t always straightforward. It’s about taking that first step to the rest of your life. It’s about fulfillment and uncertainty.  

Doing something because you enjoy it has to take precedent over doing something simply because you're told to do so.

I want this to be an outlet for people to inspire others. Looking down on others because you’re jealous of their success is just wasted energy. Instead be envious, and follow their lead. You have to be willing to take the jump. We all fall. It’s what makes us grow. We learn from our mistakes, we break rules because that's the only thing that moves us forward. It's those who get back up and try again who succeed, and the sense of admiration that follows, is what motivates us to keep going.

So be inspired. 

Article Twenty One isn't about me. It’s about the people who wake up in the morning and the first thing they ask themselves is "what can I do to be better than yesterday?" 

It’s about the person who surrounds themselves with people who drive them to improve.

It’s about those who will never shy away from a task merely because it’s out of reach.

It’s for all those times when you were this close to throwing in the towel and giving up.

Love yourself, love one another, and always be proud of what you're doing because in the end...

It’s about you.